relaxing system
for dental patients

We develop Virtual Reality experiences specifically for dentists, in order to bring audiovisual distraction to their patients during a dental treatment. This experience includes some interactive mini-games, which are designed for relaxing the patients and stress reduction.

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About VR Depares

An interactive VR game provider for the audiovisual distraction of patients during a dental treatment

The capacity of the human to pay attention to the surrounding stimulus is limited. Individuals tend to concentrate on painful stimuli even when they perceive pain. The perception of pain decreases when a person’s attention is distracted away from the stimulus. That's what we provide the VRDepares users with.


Our Team

Interactive audio-visual games decrease pain
perception by more than 44%.

How will VrDepares benefit dentists

  • Dentists will be able to enjoy more new patients and increased case acceptance, as well as higher production value per patient
  • Using audiovisual distraction method is much easier and cheaper than sedation methods

The games we are developing ...


Genre: Puzzle

Goal: A simple 2D game which requires a considerable focus and on-time

General Idea: Try to build the tallest tower in the world using a one-tap . This game requires player to focus on the building blocks swinging from left to right. The player must push the button at the right time, so that s/he can place each block correctly aligned, otherwise the tower will get heavy on one side and collapse.

Iron Eagle

Genre: First-Person, Role Playing

Goal: Immersion into a 3D gameplay with a story layer to engage the players, in order to distract them from the dental session.

General Idea: Fighting, racing or the competition type games thrills the players most of the times, thus they are not a good choice for our use case.We need to have a more calm environment which leaves them some space to explore freely, in order to make them relax during the dental session. Since our players are primarily children, we have designed an interesting superhero, in order to engage them emotionally with the gameplay.